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What are wallet and pool:port?
A wallet is where you store your cryptocoins, every coin have a different wallet so before start mining you must create a wallet.
You must download the software to create the wallet from the coin´s website. It is usually called CLI.

After you have your wallet you must look for a pool to mine that coin.
A pool is where you mine a coin with a lot of other miners and when a block is completed you share the profits. It is always wise to read their payment conditions as some of them have fees or high minimun payments.

A port is is where your device conects to the pool, there are ports with diferent difficulty, always choose one with low diff for mobile mining.

When I get my payments?
All the payments are made by the pool you are using to mine. Tony Monero doesn´t make any payments. Tony Monero is a tool to mine.
I downloaded Tony Monero but test failed, can you help me?
You can join our Beta program and download it. Tony Monero Beta makes more tests and allows you to send a report in case the tests fails. With that report we can diagnose the problem with your device and try to fix it. Send an email to asking to join if your device failed the test and you want to join the Beta program.
How can I see the coins earned?
Tony doesn´t make any payment, it is just a tool to mine cryptocoins. All payments are done by the pool where you selected to mine. Once said that, all pools let you check how is your mining going, just browse to your pool´s website and look for a dashboard page, once there you can paste your wallet address and see your statistics.

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