Fonero (FNO), is one of the newest cryptocurrency in the game (as you know BitCoin was the first) is a young fork of Monero (XMR) and it´s main advantage is the use of the RingCT for all transactions.

As Fonero (FNO) is very new the difficulty to mine it is very low and can be mined easily with Tony Monero from almost any Android mobile device.


How to mine Fonero (FNO) with Android and Tony Monero

To begin mining Fonero (FNO)  with your Android device you need to visit to Fonero´s website Download the GUI or CLI and create a wallet. You can use an online wallet too by registering in but for you security and privacy we recommend you to use an offline wallet instead of an online wallet.

Now, with your Fonero wallet address you can start using Tony Monero to mine Foneros (FNO).

After the initial test to check your phone compatibility, you can pass to the config screen. Write your wallet address and the pool you want to use (if you don´t know any pool we recomend you to use this pool: that is optimized for mobile devices). Then press the play button and start mining. If you are using an online wallet you may have to use user and password instead of wallet and pool address.


With an Android device like a MotoG+ that process at 23H/s you can obtain 1 Fonero (FNO) per day and have a cryptocoin mined with a mobile device. Isn´t that cool?


If you are using the pool we recomended before you can check your progress in the website using your wallet address. This pool is really fast finding Foneros and the paymenyts to your wallet starts with only 0.1 FNO, so it is very easy to get Foneros (FNO) from the first day of mining.

You can exchange your Foneros to BitCoins at and then change them to FIAT money (Dolar, Euro, etc..)

Finally you can visit where you will receive free Fonero coins once a day. Enjoy that 🙂

Tony Monero

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