We have added a new feature to Tony, from 0.8.9 you can import/export your mining profiles by saving them in your mobile phone as a .json config file.


  • You can send your profiles to your new phone, no need to write all again, you can continue mobile mining quickly.
  • You can setup a phone rig with all your phones, tablets or other Android devices, quick and easy.
  • By sharing a profile with a specific wallet and pool configuration to the public you could help to create a group of persons mining for the same cause (mine to maintain your clan´s game server, mine for your company, mine for your school, etc..).

Because of this new feature Tony will ask you now permision to read/write in your External Storage SD. This permision is only used when Importing/Exporting profiles.

You can generate your profiles in our new webconfig and send it to your Tony Monero, store it as backup or share it in with a group of miners that want to mine together for a propourse.

Tony Monero Team

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